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Hardwood Refurbishing

What is wood floor refurbishing?

This service involves applying a topcoat of a special Swiss formulated hard wax designed to refurbish the worn areas of your floor and enhance the gloss of the existing finish on most wood floors.

Why refurbishing and not sanding?

Even installed hardwood floors can only be sanded a couple of times before replacement is necessary. Some wood floors that are wood veneer, laminated on a backing, cannot be sanded. Refurbishing repairs the finish on the floors, filling in minor scratches, repairing worn traffic areas, and enhancing the gloss without the time and cost of a complete sand and refinish.

Does the process cover compression damage or deep scratches on wood floors?

No, only complete sanding and refinishing can.

Can the wood floors be used right away?

Yes, normally as soon as the final dry polish is completed, all furniture can be moved back on the floor and traffic can resume.

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