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Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Eco Dry Carpet Maintenance 2008 utilizes the green carpet cleaning system from HOST®.

HOST’s system is Green Seal® certified, conserves water and is WoolSafe® approved. It also meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommendations for Environmentally Preferable Purchasing. Research has shown it to be the greenest way to clean your carpets. It saves countless gallons of water over traditional carpet cleaning methods and is more effective at protecting against mould.

The Green Seal certification guarantees that the cleaning system is effective, environmentally friendly and conserves resources.

With various cleaning equipment available, we can power vacuum, spot clean and deep clean all types of floors, from carpet to tile.

At Eco Dry Carpet Maintenance 2008, we utilize HOST products because:

  • They are safe for all carpets

  • They prolong carpet life

  • They deep clean

  • They are cost effective

Avoid the Long Drying Times

Because we utilize a low moisture system, once our efficient services are complete, you are able to immediately walk on all carpets. This is a great feature for businesses that are looking to avoid extended downtime.

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner

Using compostable carpet cleaner, you can feel at ease knowing that our services are earth-friendly. The dry carpet cleaner contains no dyes, is not an eye irritant or primary skin irritant, and is nontoxic. Besides being green, these products also offer excellent results. They lift dirt and stains, remove allergens, and provide an overall clean that is sure to impress.

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